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Welcome to the World of PHYTABOLITES!

Green Leafy Vegetables have always been considered world over as a healthy food for general wellbeing. However, for THE FIRST TIME IN NUTRACEUTICALS WORLD, Phytabolites has been able to create an innovative range of products derived from Dark Green Leafy Vegetables which are targeted to achieve predictable reduction in the risk of specific disease indications. They have potential of maintaining and restoring balance of metabolism.

Phytabolites has also specifically devised a patented technology for taste/flavor masking supplements with effective quantity of DHA-rich Algal Oil for brain development and cognitive function.

Our exclusive product for pregnant mothers take care of their DHA nutrition as well as the most important and very challenging job of optimum Vitamin A management very safely.

We have developed unique products across multiple health categories for disease prevention & mitigation in men, women & kids. By working together with collaborators , we can transform the lives of millions and improve their quality of life.

Our products are protected by patents/patent applications
They are a global opportunity for marketing of clinically proven innovative nutraceutical products
We offer them for out-licensing to companies which are desirous and capable of taking these products to the deserving masses
One product on CKD already licensed in 83 countries.

Welcome to the World of PHYTABOLITES, the world of Health & Wellness!

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